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Do I Need a Root Canal?

Root canal treatment might sound intimidating, but there is nothing to fear. A root canal can strengthen and restore a severely damaged tooth and help you avoid extraction. Dr. Anu Vaddineni, the experienced dentist at Precinct Line Dentistry in North Richland Hills, TX, can preserve your tooth with root canal treatment so you can avoid having it pulled out.

Root Canal Treatment 

Inside the center of each tooth and running down into the canals of the root is a soft tissue material called the pulp. If the pulp tissue becomes infected, a root canal treatment is needed to stop the infection from spreading and restore the tooth. Without treatment, the tooth could get worse and need to be extracted. Additionally, the infection might spread to other areas of the mouth and lead to more serious oral health problems.

There are several ways pulp tissue can become damaged or infected. Untreated cavities can cause problems when decay travels from the outer layers of the tooth down to the pulp tissue, causing infection and inflammation. Injuries to the mouth, such as from a car accident or sports injury, can also result in damage to the pulp tissue. Occasionally, extensive dental work on the same tooth can also lead to the damaged pulp tissue.

The purpose of a root canal treatment is to remove infected and damaged pulp tissue from inside the tooth and root. Once the infected pulp is removed, the interior of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The tooth is then filled in with a biocompatible material and sealed with adhesive cement. In most cases, a dental crown might be placed over the treated tooth to further protect and strengthen it. The skilled dentists at our office in North Richland Hills, TX, can determine if you need a root canal.

Signs You Might Need a Root Canal 

Root canal treatment is a highly effective method for strengthening, restoring, and preserving damaged teeth. Several symptoms can develop when the pulp tissue inside a tooth is infected and inflamed. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you might need a root canal:

  • Severe or persistent toothache
  • Sharp pain when biting into foods
  • Persistent pressure or pain in the mouth
  • Darkening or discoloration of the affected tooth
  • Gum swelling and sensitivity near the affected tooth
  • Lingering pain or sensitivity after eating hot or cold foods
  • Development of a periodontal abscess

If an infection has spread to the pulp tissue inside your tooth, then a root canal treatment is needed to restore the tooth and avoid extraction. To find out if a root canal is needed, schedule an appointment with Dr. Anu, our exceptional dentist, by calling Precinct Line Dentistry in North Richland Hills, TX, at (817) 663-0076.

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