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Rebuild Your Smile With Dental Implants

Regain a full smile when you get dental implants. 

While tooth loss is never an issue anyone wants to deal with; unfortunately, it happens to millions of Americans each year. Our North Richland Hills, TX, dentists Dr. Anu Vaddineni and oral surgeon Dr. Steven Peters understand that this can be an embarrassing issue that can also cause a wide range of other problems for your smile if left untreated. That’s why so many people are turning to us to get dental implants. This lifelong restoration could give you back the confidence you’re looking for in your smile and appearance.

How do dental implants work? 

If a tooth has fallen out or been extracted we will need to replace the tooth as soon as possible to maintain your smile and health. The implant itself is a small metal screw or post that acts just like tooth roots. In order for the dental implant to function just like real tooth roots, our North Richland Hills dentist will need to place the implant into the jawbone.

Over the course of several months, the jawbone will bond with the implant. Once this happens the implant is now permanently connected to the bone and tissue. This means that as long as you maintain good oral hygiene and know how to properly care for your smile your dental implant could last the rest of your life.

Can implants replace multiple teeth?

Most people think that a dental implant is only meant for patients who are missing a single tooth; however, several implants can also be placed throughout the jaws to replace one or more teeth. So no matter whether you are missing one, two, several or an entire row of teeth, our dental team can replace these missing teeth with dental implants.

Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

Most healthy adults who are dealing with tooth loss are ideal candidates for dental implants. Of course, to find out if you are right for implants our dentists will need to examine your mouth and take x-rays to make sure your jawbone and mouth are healthy enough to support an implant.

We will also want to talk with you about your treatment goals and what to expect from implant treatment. Factors such as budget and length of treatment are all things that can determine which tooth replacement option is ideal for you, which we are happy to discuss with you in more detail during a consultation.

Are you interested in learning more about dental implants and how our North Richland Hills, TX, dental team can restore your smile? If so, schedule an appointment with our team at Precinct Line Dentistry today by calling (817) 663-0076.

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